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Are You Ready to Stop Feeling the Way You Do?

Book your own Healing session with Dee!



When you Work with Dee you get life changing results, you focus on what is Happening now, but you will discover that Now is not the problem, it comes from the past.

In the Session Spirit will Shine Light on what is really going on below the surface of your Energy, where it comes from, and you will Heal it from the Inside out!


You will Finally Discover what has been holding you back this whole time!


All Sessions are Live!  You Get a Recording of Your Session, so you can remember everything that was said, and allow yourself to be very present!  


Schedule Your Appointment Below.

— Angela


I got to identify the blocks in my energy and reaffirm during the reiki session that I already have available to me everything I need. I feel my chakras balanced as well compared to before.

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